Truths about Germany

One of the ability (or disability) of this country is exactly that they need everyone. This society is built in that way to accept everyone. Simple there is a position for everyone, nobody, or almost nobody stays out of the system. This fact is so perfect that disagreeing seems almost like a crime!

How exactly is perfection determined? In the ex-communist totalitarian regimes the governments push their people to believe like there living in a perfect world and that their place is much closer to perfection than any other place! But what a fool, nobody had the possibility to travel, to see and verify it

After the end most of the communist regimes along next generations, among people who never really live the communist regime or where too young to understand what is going on around them, use to say that, that communist regime, that existed up to the end of the 80s, was better than what they are living today. This exactly proves that no violence is needed to achieve society's silent!

In fact, any regime is targeting society's silence some tries violence or psychic violence or both. The point is that specific groups of the popularity win privileges through this process. And this happens to any regime. The different between regimes is how they use society's silence and to who there giving privileges! 

Societies on their zenith faze of there existence requires from the popularity a specific behavior, which in fact favors the privileged groups. In the communist openly privileged who was a friend of the party, in fact in any regime, their privileged are the friends of the regime are those exactly those people who support that regime.

And so the German society. I'm not going to spend any time, talking about Germany's privileged groups. My consent and the reason of this text is not about those people who choose to follow the rules and successful become part of their society. My problem is about those people who do not agree to follow the trend.

Very simple the question is who does your “perfect” society reacts in front of the people who openly believe this your society is not really perfect?

I choose some points from German society, I guess applicable to many other modern societies as well, which are not easy for everyone to follow:

Through the large demand in living spaces in Frankfurt and in other cities and towns in Germany, property owners become very unfriendly asking often for rude conditions which are often too difficult to fill up. If somebody wants to live in a place and agrees with such a condition, he or she is free to do so. What if somebody is not ready to fill up those conditions? I don't ask any of the German rules to change. It is your country, it is the place you live, you may make your place as you like. I'm talking for all these people who like to sacrifice the privilege of living in the best economy of the world for a place where a tenet has still rights!

It is a joke to talk about personal data in Germany. Do you know how many personal data are required to become a prospective tenant and ensure an appointment to see the property? What happen with the rejected requests? Does the perfect German law except for the possibility of the prospective tenants to protect their personal data? And so on for the people looking for a job, or desire to book a hotel and so on!

It is common, the use of bicycles to be supported for environment protection reasons, to achieve this, cyclists are excepted from any kind of officially rule, they may drive their bike as they like! And that exactly is what they do. I believe a good educated and moral person would never drive on the public streets without respecting others? Isn’t it? Driving a bike in Germany does not only mean protecting the environment but is also a way to live without rules! So very smart the legislator, how long it knows the German nature, did except bicycles from any rule, so will make it easier to replace cars with bicycles a day. Of course, this will not last forever, you will see the first rules for cyclists or also a form of cycling license after the first accidents between cyclists start to happen! 

The whole system is teaching people to be patient. The way the institutions work, the way somebody has to drive or to walk, long waiting times which the locals are pasting easily and successfully. Bud there are people who can not follow. That is all right, nothing bad on it, finally the system can not be perfect for anyone, what happen with people who can't follow? Are they isolate? Do they get punished? up to the moment they understand their role in society and follow with religion respect? Or there should be the possibility for anyone who wants to leave, a fast and problem-solving process?

And that exactly is a point that the German system did not think about? Did you remember that guy who pushes a child with his mother in front of a passing train, driving the child to a terrible death? A very painful incident!  

Germany as any other place is not for everyone, not everyone likes to live in a high rule-pressured place as is Germany. What is missing from German rules, is a possibility and support to all this who understood Germany is not for them, to leave! Very simple, just let people leave!  

There are some programs about support for people who decide to leave Germany, but fact is that is extremely difficult for many of them to leave if they decide to, many of them do not need any financial support at all, but other kinds of support like document clarifying issues where there isn't any support at all, it would be much easier for people who like so, to leave Germany, if many of the high bureaucratic German procedures would be canceled or replaced from easier procedures. The point is, does Germany want people to leave?

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