About the Author

The Idea

Under my decision to travel around the world, visiting and living in a few of wold's towns and cities, are hiding a range of desires and dreams I curry on since a was a child; but during my moves, from the very beginning, I come up with a need for creation, using different possibilities each of the places gives to curious and ambitious people, but finally I just was searching a way to survive financially based on my own abilities!


Our Story

Small Business

In a time limit, situation, as I said above, there was a need for financial survival, small businesses, at last some of them, is the fastest way to get some cash on hand, but except this, small business does play a specific roll in the financial life of a place.

There is no dept, small business are getting always more complicated and more difficult to survive, as more developed is a place and as maturer the consumers are.

But this exactly is what makes small business research around the world, more fascinating!


The Author