About extrmpc ltd

Extrmpc was first founded on August 2009 in Hong Kong in a form of a partnership company under the name extrmpc.com. Extrmpc's experience is created by working with small business owners in different places around the world under different laws, rules and, most important, different business-mentality. In that conditions extrmpc become a larger territory extension of direct experience and more flexible knowledge in Business Comparative Law, adjusted and used for serving Small Businesses needs.

The services cover the entire needs for additional support, for any company or individual that targets to a maximum use of internet opportunities in marketing and financial support.

The 60-Minute Money Workout:

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Finances into Shape



Services, offered through, the support and the entire extrmpc's philosophy, aims to a right business start and/or improvement of the business, aiming in a healthy business growth, getting the highest possible return, using all the, modern marketing tools, following, in the right way, the law and local rules.

 extrmpc.com change it's legal form and upgrade to a limited company starting from Hong Kong. Actually, the company, is looking forwards to make this business bigger thinking about for a brunch in Germany where we actually making our market research.

For more legal information like the form, the details and the risk disclosure please read our Terms and Conditions.

Feel free to contact us for any issue, consult or trading or investing problem. We fell happy to answer you.