It's a country part of the Balkan reality. To understand the country and the people, it is necessary to have a short look in some historical events that affect this people.

Albania lived under a disciplinarian communist monarchy for about 50 years, and this is happen directly after the second World War when the world start to develop, Albania was between those countries who missed that moment being in a darkness, hiding because of region's rules.

The change to the democratic region on the start of the 90s was too strong and catastrophic and people who really support this changes with there comportment, like Ramiz Alia, there offer where never recognized from the people, and also others who used the situation to gain even if they don't really deserved so (Sali Berisha – piece of the previous system, and responsible for future mistakes, Ismail Kadare – too cleaver, understand well Albanian people and lived during the communist region -and still so, all his life with luxury privileges)

But Albanian's important events are without end. There should get build a state in a few years or even months. So for an inexperienced lieder like Berisha wasn't so much possible to succeed! There should get formed the governments authorities except the executive which was the only who worked at the moment, there was still the judiciary and the legislature to formed.

In this conditions wrong people where privileged and useful people were put to side, this are chaos’s rules!

Before even the country start to recover they use to lose all there money in cheating pyramidal sceam banks which operate in Albania until 1997 and was cause of a kind of civil war where anyone was against everyone ales. A children reaction with arms, that give the opportunity to the main responsible people, to save there self.

After the civil war time and for the last 15 years, Albania is not really dangerous, as maybe many people may believe. The criminality has a fixed direction. In Albania it's easier somebody to become a victim because he is in the wrong place the wrong moment than to be the really target. Now if somebody get in Albania to make business with criminals (like arms and monition trading or drugs or other like that) than this advices are not for you!

Don't let people create a myth around you, don't let people to imagine wrong what you are, so answer any of their questions however rude they look sometimes, it's better to lie about your income for example, or about your visit purpose than to say just “that's not your business”!