It's a country with strong Balkan mentality. So in a more general way Balkan countries mentality is alike between them (Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia etc.) they will never accept this, but finally it is so! Even so there is a different between countries which have been under communist region from those they don't but the different is not that viewable even after a long stay. read more...

Small business in Albania


Mr.Draghi (ECB's President) talking about inflation issues in Europe (deflation) and Mrs. Merkel is admitting this opinion on German economy. But what exactly happen in German economy? Reae more

     Small Business growth in Germany
Small business in Germany


Greece is not that complicate about business but has a two conditions if any one understand them, will change his desire about investing in that country! There are two facts a business has to come up with, that are the law or generally the government and secondly the business communities.

To start a business in Greece somebody need to understand how the society is build and how exactly do business works. read more


Small business in Greece

Hong Kong

Hong kong is a place made for business, but there are still some side rules you need to know. For all this people planing for there small or middle business in the place there are some special conditions they should know. read more


Small business in Hong Kong


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Small business in S.Korea


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Small business in Singapore


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Small business in Taiwan
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