German Bureaucracy

The below, is a sample, even if no having something to do with business, but shows exactly how complicated the German bureaucracy is like.

Through a human story coming up with a bureaucratic law, leaving people stocking in a gap for years.

Being unrecognized in Germany is not that easy, because of documents issues because of the previous status of my partner, she was a recognized refugee in Europe, its impossible to marry and give an end on the unclear status. Our kids both, without citizenship, even if me I'm from Europe she is from Africa! And now we stuck in my birth town in Germany, we can't leave, no documents, but we can't stay, life too expensive, lawyer fees to high. We had to give up our home recently, because no help from government, its a myth Germany is helping, they help only under specific conditions, and we don't feel up this conditions! We live now in cheap hostels to survive trying to save some money, pay some lawyer fees, get documents, marry and leave Germany.. maybe leave Europe...

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