Greece is not that complicate about small or middle business, but is a place with a historic influence from other cultures, being a Balkan country, complicate even further that small place who likes to feel pice of Europe!

There are two facts a business has to come up with, that are the law or generally the government and secondly the business communities.

To start a business in Greece somebody needs to understand how the society is build and how exactly does business work in that place. A normal, according to the Greek practice, way to start a business is not just to have the idea and the capital, the business there is something that is inherit from somebody ales. There is necessary to come into a community of your desired business object and start from the lowest level and start growing.

A nice example, are the moving day markets, with vegetables and fruit traders, which earn a good money through but to get that license to join it's necessary to start working for somebody ales and slowly to get your independence and getting your own license.

The corruption in that place is much difficult but does exist a lot. Just because the government employees get paid very luxuriant they will not risk there position to get money from an unknown investor, the corruption is happening only through long term deals and only the top of each community is able to have access to!

But what happen if somebody is trying to open a business without respecting the top of the community?

At this moment is necessary to understand the Greek law and the government. The Greek law is made in that way to make business impossible to exist in Greece. There is no business without illegality. First because the taxes, the rend, the electricity and the employees have a so high cost and because it's self governments employees they ask unrealizable conditions to give you a license. So business in Greece has the government as a "pimp". And secondly the top of each community is connected to the government employees affecting each other.

As soon this doesn't look like going to solved in Greece, even Europe's tries don't arrive to change anything, this is how this society is build like the oldest and the first will always have more privileges from the newest. In that way business in Greece is still inheritable and as soon this is happening nobody really want to change anything!

So let them earn alone, eat alone and give there society to the next generation and so let it continue.