Small Business Investing Overseas

Small businesses owners often consider as there next step a successful extension of there business overseas. People use to come up with this idea by choosing a small and poor country, following the method of high return through small investment in low cost countries. Those business ideas where finishing unfortunately in a big failure, because the whole concept of there move was in a wrong way form the beginning.

Small business owners, investing in small business in poor countries come up with unexceptionable situation starting from limited information about many points which an investor should know well, like mentality, side rules, corruption reality, default of infrastructure and finally come up with a high amount of spending needs which never were calculated!


The old method include a lucky worker coming from a poor country who suddenly take the very privileged position of his boss's main business adviser in his steps abroad.


The poor worker see in his boss's face his chance for a successful "coming back home" way, and will drive his boss according to his own success neglecting completely the business



Albania host many entrepreneurs going there for “big business” but ending up in a disastrous failure

S.Korea, shopping's open time 10am to 5am the next day! Unsupported for most small business





What is Small Business looking for overseas?

Under the heavy load of the financial crisis, the very poor countries loose much from their support they had from more developed countries entrepreneurs, and places in a relative satisfactory financial level, start becoming difficult for business owners, as soon governments try to save the country through tax rising and salary reduction, turning the retail market in an unhealthy situation, in a wounded market environment where bank funding is very hard to realize or just unsupported.


In this conditions small business doesn't look for low cost destinations. Small business need places with reach consumers! This exactly is what a successful step for small business abroad, is looking for





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