After 2008, after the strong judgment of our global financial structure we felt the refusing of any ownership, like property stocks, other stock market's products, CFD's and finally also money!
But evven if financial standards are damaged, even after so many bankruptcy it's strange that people still trust exchange traded products, even with a kind of reservedness, people ingress there interest for investing in exchange market trading_instruments 




People investing in those kind of products are classified in a few main caregoreries. There are people who do have money, so they keep there value stable through buying different security products or different currencies.
There are people who are just curious (and why this people don't try to Open Forex Demo Account to find out how does it work??)

And finally, there are people believing life is owning them a gift! This are people who deeply believe they may earn some good money once or twice in a wile, and of course there are still some people they believe they may become rich through!


This people are the people who finance this system, this are people who make some huge loses once in a wile!!


Finally, the question is, Can financial and exchange trading market's products earn money?





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