Anyone can get the best support from local people about what is going on on there place. Generally information are likely to get from locals, but don’t relay on a local’s consulting, locals is very possible don’t to know the differences between your world and there world and this can be fatal. The foreigner must drive the locals on the consulting process, you must ask for anything, locals will not give you always anything what you need to know, it’s better to find any professional for your consults. Get a local lawyer or an accountant,

Try to find a translator you trust. But avoid local friends you know from back home (friends, your employees etc.). Next find a local specialist, not exactly the cheapest but also not the most expensive one.

In some places comparative law is almost unknown. Law students learn about, but never practice, so it’s almost impossible to find a specialist in comparative law. Unfortuantelly this defect is happening in some European places too!

Don’t get enthusiastic from nice offices, this can get too expensive. Accept that in many places middle cast lawyers or accountants or other similar profession persons do not even have any office, they make there job from home and use to meet with customers in a coffee shops or restaurants.

The way to find the specialist you need (lawyer, accountant etc.) is possible not to be a website, or a local business magazine or so, in some places you must get some recommendations, but get more than one variants and judge careful the options. Local people often will talk about people they know personally, not because there abilities but because they know them personally. So don’t get the first choose, try to find out your consultant’s sources about the person he recommend to you. Small places have also a narrow profession society, so planing to get more opinions form different persons of the same profession can become known between them and your behavior may offend some people, also be careful on meeting more persons of the same profession in the same time, the combination may be wrong having bad results.

Don’t forget to give gifts to anyone of the locals helping you, in many places they accept some money as gift for there support, but it’s difficult for them to ask for.

Getting a local partner can help you a lot in some government acts. Or also avoiding some taxes. Foreigner’s businesses in some places are obligated to hire a specific number of locals, this problem can avoided if there is a local partner. Business partnership can have different legal forms, or rights from what is happening in your place. So the turnout for omnipotence in a business may vary between places.

International law about deals between foreigners request some of them to get signed in two languages or also in English, even if there is present a translator. Working as a lawyer in Balkan countries after 2004 I encountered cases of invalid deals because one of the parties was foreigner and did not have the right to sign!
Property ownership in most of the places is not allowed to people without legal resident, so don’t get impressed if you find somebody is offering you a property in a very low price!