Offshore Company?

Last years financial events have a common to each other direction, everything is under a strong judgment. Long time now the property taxes getting higher, it doesn’t make any sense to have property anymore.
Recently Cyprus case made people to think about if just keeping money without investing, maybe, is also not secured anymore!
In this moment living under a continues judgment directed to everything, it seams like we are a few steps before a new middle age period!
Investment already change form, no life investments, no long term business opportunities exist any more, the last generation’s chances, for a whole life income doesn’t exist anymore, and that is something very common in today time, in fact people already deal with that.
Offshore companies are strongly criticized especially after October 2008, last crises start. Today nobody think about an offshore company formation, as a way to protect his capital .
Hong Kong is a perfect place for business, I remember October the 27th 2008, the worst day for Hong Kong people. The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, the start of the crisis in Asia..


With a low taxation, stable bank system and valuable stock market, maybe is time your company to go on shore in Hong Kong see the benefits and make your choice.


Where to and how to

Starting a small business in a place Overseas after getting knowledge of the official rules and applicable laws, the taxes and the statistics is not enough.

There also other factors, very important, to realize a business idea in a place. This exactly is the reason of my trips around the world and the purpose of my relative long stay in each place. The very important factor, that many investors and business consulters miss, is people’s mentality, not just people’s psychology but mentality.

The mentality is connected with the way a person is educated and grow up, the small that thinks people use to do in a common to each other way, there tradition they learned to do and affect them on how they make business or how and what they consume.