China Consuming Demand and the Fur Industry

Turning back on the time when china start to consume cell phones and computer systems and very soon, before China really start their own production, the west business transfer their production in China, winning through cheap salaries and protecting their global monopole. But even so, leaks were inevitable, the Chinese workers learn and improve their knowledge. They first production of dual sim card cell phones, and went even further, three or also four sim cards phones are Chinese initiative!

Computer industry protect there mono-pole with small losses . There are still two brand names of CPU production, Intel and AMD, even if their production is happening at all in China or Taiwan they continue to be a corporation with western head! In the same time other sections aren’t or don’t look to have so fast reaction in front of the Chinese growth.

Cloths production in China sometimes looks like winning a global monopole. But also here some big western companies did the same like the computer industry above, moved their production in China (Zara)



Fur skin production in primary level has been for a very long time a western privilege. American fur farms, Finland, Denmark, Canada, some Russian farms and also some in Greece.

In the same time when China entrance in the fur market mostly as a consumer, turning to the main buyer on skin auction around the world, seems like China saved the old fur industrie from annihilation, and so the fur industry start spreading around before the request for new fur skin become too much and Finland, Denmark and Canada’s free farming territory¬†become saturated. But after Greece, or Balkan, maybe Romania and Russia who is next… maybe China!

China has a limited ability to product plant and animal products, because of the high pollution which is in many cases out of control in China. Maybe this exactly is the reason why western farmers doesn’t seem to worry about Chinese demand for fur skin.

Is China searching for a way to build a space or area with technical environment conditions like the one is happen in Dubai for touristic propose (ski resort)…?

Or maybe Chinese land demand on south Australia and New Zealand have something to do with that?..

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