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The Idea

As I embark on my decision to travel around the world, visiting and living in various towns and cities, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream and a deep desire that has been with me since childhood. However, from the very start of my journey, I have found myself driven by a need for creative expression and exploration of the diverse opportunities available in each new place I visit. Ultimately, I seek to leverage my talents and abilities to support myself financially while also pursuing my passion for adventure and discovery.


The Story

Small Business

As I mentioned earlier, in situations with a limited timeframe, the need for financial survival often requires the establishment of small businesses, which can quickly generate cash flow. However, small businesses play a unique role in the financial landscape of a place, beyond mere survival.

Despite the absence of debt, small businesses face increasing complexity and difficulty as a place becomes more developed and consumers become more sophisticated.

Ironically, it is this very challenge that makes the exploration of small businesses around the world all the more fascinating.


The Author