For many entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses, is considered as next step an extension of their business overseas.

Small Businesses owners use to have an opinion about what is going about their business and the business generally and with dreams they start their enthusiastic journey on investing overseas.

Low budget entrepreneurs especially when investing overseas, start feeling this “businessman wind” inside! This is not happening in a casualness way. Low budget entrepreneurs use to choose for their step overseas, small, cheap, poor countries. Local people are poor and jobless for very long. A presence of an unknown foreigner in a relative better financial situation let them create some myths around his face. They hope and dream about his new business start, hoping in a job and a good salary.
In very poor places is much better to keep some things hiding, a small investor need to enter well on the society, he/she needs to understand the people having around, as I’m going to explain bellow, knowing the people will support a lot the new business in a place overseas.

Small business use to accept the customers as they are, small business adjust its self according to customers’ demands and desires. Small business may affect a small part of a place’s people, instead of a large business which may affect a very large number of people. So small business entrepreneurs need to know well there targets, there customers mentality. I’m going to use many of my personal samples through  my journey around the world in this and other articles in this site.