Hong kong is a place made for business, but there are still some side rules you need to know. For all this people planing for there small or middle business in the place there are some special conditions they should know.


One of the most common mistakes from that kind of level business is the behaviors as a big business. That is something that somebody need to know well when planing to come in Hong Kong in a small or middle level business purpose.

Hong Kong
People in Hong Kong and especially government offices shows a huge respect to any large or small investor. As soon an investment in the place help the development, bring money and places new jobs. It's easy and fast to make your registration on tax office and other important institutions.

Anyway property cost is the biggest issue in the place. A huge investment is necessary for rending (much bigger money for buying, of course) a place for business or for staying.

Everything ales is much more cheaper than other places, like food, local transportation, fly tickets, some equipments and law and business assistance.

The other big issue is the business visa. The conditions about a business resident visa is much strict and ask for a really huge investment to get it which is over the possibilities of a middle and of course a small business. But if for anyone is possible to entry Hong Kong with a tourist visa there is possible to create a business but can not become a resident as a small business owner!

Hong Kong has really big companies operating and offering almost everything, also Hong Kong has a very big consuming demand, as soon shopping tourism is the most in Hong Kong and the place offer also the largest number of Internet shopping transactions per day. Something that is also favored from the very cheap post services.

Hong Kong do have big production places around which favor the retail business in the place. So there is Shenzhen, China (30 km from Hong Kong center) and Guangzhou (3 hours using public transportation, bus or train) there is Taiwan ( a hour fly), S.Korea and a more expensive version is Japan.

The side rule hiding in Hong Kong's retail business is the supplier's prices. Somebody needs really much money to make a high products order to arrive to buy in a low price, and for doing so there should exist also a high selling possibility to get this products to sell, need a place to storage (remember the high rends) and in the case, like skin care products or so, where there is a expired day it looks impossible for small businesses to come over the competition with the large businesses.

Hong Kong is a good place for any level of the retail business, and a good place to make the next step for a larger business, with a support of a strong bank system but need really a good plan.