The Integration

Individuals tend to construct their own perception of the world, based on their personal beliefs and values. Their level of satisfaction with the world is often tied to this perception. People receive guidance on how to view the world from various sources, such as school, family, and social environment, and these teachings become deeply ingrained in their thinking. As a result, they tend to view everything through a personal filter, and silently judge it against their preconceived notions.

In Germany, it is customary for individuals to participate in upholding the rule of law, which is integral to maintaining social stability. Anyone can report violations of rules or laws to demonstrate their commitment to the society, the system, and the rules. This often serves as a means for people to feel a sense of belonging and responsibility towards upholding societal norms.
Germany should be a paradise for emigrating from pure countries. The rules in Germany are strict but simple, follow the rules, sacrifice what is required to sacrifice, and you will never feel pure anymore!

In Germany, the term "not pure" refers to individuals who can afford to pay exorbitant rent, dine out sometimes, and work no more than 40 hours per week, often lacking any aspirations beyond their current job position. These individuals are typically compliant and respectful towards the company they work for and raise children who are conditioned to conform to societal norms.

Thus far, there has been no criticism of the system's functioning, as its aim is to maintain public satisfaction, prevent conflicts, and limit high aspirations. This objective is achieved by imposing a particular way of life upon the populace, thereby creating an illusion of freedom and contentment. Communist regimes create an illusion of equality, while the modern Western world propagates the illusion of freedom.

In Germany, getting a parking fine because of an incorrect parking position is quite common, as any ordinary citizen can report such violations by taking a picture and submitting it to the authorities. This heightened sense of responsibility toward maintaining a well-functioning society often leads to an excessive adherence to rules and regulations. For instance, I once had to stop my car in a prohibited area for a brief moment to drop off my pregnant girlfriend at the doctor's office. Despite it only takes five minutes, I received two photos from passersby who had reported my vehicle's incorrect parking position to the authorities. These individuals were oblivious to the fact that I had stopped to assist my pregnant partner, choosing instead to demonstrate their loyalty to the system.


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